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ThermoActive Roof Coating

Significant temperature reduction can be achieved indoors in hot summer zones. The sunglight reflections, dissipations of heat radiation and evaporative coolings, helps to act as free “air conditioning”. Cool roofs also allow builders, architects, engineers, energy consultants and policy makers, to optimize energy and environmental performance of buildings.


ThermoActive roof coating can be used on many types of roofs, such as residentials, industry, office buildings, hospitals.


Previously, Caterpillar Asia was facing problems with a hot environment inside the warehouse due to the warm weather. Subsequently there was a need to use energy to reduce the warm temperature inside the warehouse. In order to reflect heat and uv rays to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, ThermoActive Roof Coating was applied on their warehouse’s metal roof. High-tech roof coating has achieved 37% energy savings.

  • Reduces Cooling Cost for Indoor
  • Reduces Thermal Stresses
  • Energy Saving
  • Fills & Bridges Cracks
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint & Greenhouse Effect
  • Improves Thermal Building Comfort


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