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Interior Coating

ThermoPlus provides a pleasant interior climate on every day of the year – regardless of the weather outside.


During the summer, most rooms heat up strongly by intensive sunbeams. That influences the concentration, breathing and a good night’s sleep. The membrane takes the excess moisture from the air, stores it and compensates the drier room air at a later stage with this moisture (entropy principle). This results in evaporation coolness which both cools the wall surfaces, as well as lowers the high room temperatures.


As a result, even for people with an allergy or asthma, a pleasant and healthy indoor climate is created.


(Fig 1) On the inside, the Ceramic Membrane ensures excess humidity is being absorbed, as well as being released when it’s insufficient.

(Fig 2) The Ceramic Membrane helps to distribute energy evenly and cools the environment through evaporation process. This helps to regulate humidity to be around 55% throughout the year.


  • Mould Resistant & Prevention
  • Regulates Humidity & Moisture
  • Thermal Comfort during Summer
  • No Harmful or Allergenic Substances
  • Prevents Fungus
  • Energy Saving


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