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Exterior Coating

Provides protection against aging, algae, moss and mould growth. Improves energy consumption, both in hot and cold climate zones.


The ceramic membrane of the coating helps to dehumidify and protects the facade’s surface against penetration of precipitation and condensation.


The coating absorbs heat more effectively indoor on dry wall surfaces, thereby significantly improves the overall energy efficiency of buildings.


When applied in hot climate zones, the transmission of heat is reduced from outside to inside. The endothermic properties of the coating membrane allow the reflection of UV rays and using evaporation processes, helps cool the facade thus long-lasting protection.


These processes allow the reduction of cooling costs and lead to significant energy savings. In addition, the exterior facade is kept dry, preventing any emergence of molds.


(Fig 1) On the outside, the Ceramic Membrane prevents moisture from reaching the masonry. In addition, it also ensures moisture is drawn out of the wall.

(Fig 2) Temperature fluctuations are eliminated but instead, it uniformly distributes on the facade. This prevents crack formation and moisture from entering.


  • Mould Resistant & Prevention
  • Regulates Humidity & Moisture
  • Energy Saving
  • Fills & Bridges Cracks
  • Fungi Free
  • Dirt Repellent


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