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Effective, Safe and Ecological European Certified Premium Products for your building, offices and home. Meeting International Standard and Green Building Certification


• Manage and reduce mould & fungicide on walls and Ceiling.
• Improve living and working condition – humility & moisture.

Sustainable Solutions

• Leveraging on experience and products capability and track record.
• Energy $ savings – Reduce in air con usage (utilities).

Our Services

Molds & fungicide management creating environmentally friendly and livable building, office and home.

Our Official Manufacturer SICC

Eco Friendly: Suitable for people with allergies and protect the environment
Energy Saving Effect: Reduce fossil fuel usage and carbon emission
R&D, patented and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland

We are the Main Distributor and Key Applicator in Singapore

Excellent Waterproofing: Strong against UV, extreme weather, acid rain etc
Energy Saving: Reflects 89% solar heat
Energy Effect: Cools down quickly with evaporating effect
Lower Walls’ Humidity: Extend the life of the building
Prevent Moss and Mildew

Optimize humidity of the room or office by est. 55%
Micro-spheres stores convection heat and release them as a form of radiant heat
Energy Saving: Reflect 89% of radiant heat
Reduces Condensation
Prevent Molds and Fungi

Color paste are from Germany with very high color stability and over 100,000 shades
Fixplus – Primer concentrate for absorbent mineral surfaces
GlossPlus – Colorless, aqueous protection for Climate Coatings with UV Blocker, improves the cleaning capabilities

Fast and quick effect in molds removal
Non-toxic, Odorless and ease of application
Long-term effect against molds – inhibiting new growth
Non-combustible with no side-effect and broad-spectrum effect


Your Solution Provider for your Home, Office, Property and Building in Singapore. We connect, source and provide Eco-Friendly Quality Products from our list of reliable manufacturers, suppliers and applicators.

We seek to understand your requirement, listen to your concerns, leverage our experiences and products to provide the best workable solutions to your building needs.


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